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Matt Nettleton | Indianapolis, IN

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Are you frustrated by sales that are unpredictable, inconsistent and unmanageable?

Thursday, March 14, 2019 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Prospecting Mastery Clinic

Can your sales team effectively Find, Qualify and Close the Right Prospects for you to grow your business?

Many salespeople chase the wrong prospects while the right ones get away or are never found. More often than not this hiccup in the sales process is preventable. At the end of the day, the prospect is either a good fit for your product or service and you can move forward with the relationship, or it’s time to part ways.

Easier said than done because it’s not always immediately obvious where the prospect fits. This is where sales qualification comes in. Through process, questioning strategies, and practice this can become easier over time.

The success of your business rests on effective Prospecting. When you and your sales team master this step so much more than just increased sales will happen. Prospects who turn into satisfied customers will lead to referrals, word-of-mouth lead generation, and cross/up-selling opportunities.

If you would like to stop chasing the wrong prospects and learn more about the art of identifying, engaging, qualifying and disqualifying leads this workshop is for you.


Thursday, February 21 | 9 am to 4 pm

Sandler Training Boot Camp

 Do you or your salespeople ever find themselves in these scenarios:

  • Wondering Why Prospects are scarce
  • Tired of creating proposals that are shopped around
  • Frustrated by prospects that stall the process and say that they want to ‘Think it over’
  • Proactive prospecting is not happening; no structured prospecting system with defined activities in place
  • Frustrated by relying on discounting your price; giving away too much
  • Angry because you can’t seem to get through to decision makers often enough

Learn new techniques that will help you:

  • Fill your pipeline with real opportunities
  • Develop business from scratch
  • Implement a systematic, repeatable selling system
  • Shorten your sales cycle; stop chasing “let me think it over”
  • Manage your prospect’s decision-making process
  • Reduce reliance on “lowest price” to close the sale


Sandler Training Indianapolis, IN

Sales Meeting Minute 31: Get Better at Cold Calling

Here are the steps you need to get better at "The Cold Call".

Sandler Training Indianapolis

Sales Meeting Minute 42: Work on the Right End of the Problem

You may think you have it down. Your out there prospecting, selling and having conversations. You may not think so but…

You still need to practice.


Sandler Training Indianapolis Video Sales Tips

Sales Meeting Minute 41: Good News and Bad News

Well for one, some people think I am handsome-ish. Thats my good news. But for you…it’s your prospects. You have prospects and thats the good news.

why salespeople fail

Why Salespeople Fail..And What To Do About It!

This report is all about making and exceeding those all-important sales numbers and sales forecasts. Learn a new way of selling that puts the salesperson in control of the selling process.

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