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Matt Nettleton | Indianapolis, IN

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There is chaos in the marketplace. We are going through a period of fear and doubt your prospects and clients are scared, whatever you decide to feel about the economy and the marketplace will not change this fact. Keeping this in mind, there are three things you must absolutely do, right now, today, to have any chance of getting out in front of what's coming.

First, objectively evaluate your sales team. While the findings and insights are relevant in any market, in an uncertain market having an Individual Training Needs Assessment is vital. In addition, understanding the cultural makeup of your sales force will allow you to train and adjust the team to meet the challenges they face head-on.

There are dozens of other relevant, useful and important insights and findings but those are the two that you must have to effectively compete right now.

Second, optimize your Sales Infrastructure. When the market is strong, it is not necessary to constantly refine your sales methodology or sales process. But the market has turned developing great clarity on what, when and why your sales are taking (or not taking) action is vital. In a volatile market, a clear and refined process coupled with a well-defined and properly implemented sales methodology is vital for success.

Please do not simply throw additional tools in your tech stack and hope your reps use them, this is a pencil and paper process to design what actually works for your team. The technology should get simpler and if done right will actually be utilized by your sales team.

Third, Train, Train, Train, Drill, Drill, Drill, Coach, Coach, Coach. Teams win tough games by going through tough practices. You really can get out in front of this and continue to drive revenue if your salespeople can effectively handle and navigate the buyer’s resistance and fear. When your team is prepared to discover urgency, properly differentiate your offering, sell value instead of price, and remain focused on execution despite all of the rejection they will face in the coming months.

Or you can put your head in the sand, believe that things will soon be back to the way they were, wait until your cash flow is upside down and then find out it is too late to change.

Your business and sales results are now controlled by either conditions or choices, ironically you choose which.

Don't stop moving because of the chaos in the marketplace!  Now is the time to get started! Contact Matt Nettleton, Sandler Training, DTB at or 317-695-8549.

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