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Matt Nettleton | Indianapolis, IN

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For most of the year bullfrogs are rarely seen and only occasionally heard. However, at a certain season, bullfrogs find their way to breeding sites and then compete for mates with vigorous calls. Although humans cannot tell the difference from one frog to the next, frogs can. Furthermore, because bullfrog calls are used to both establish territories and to attract females, scientists have learned that not all bullfrogs hear the same message from each individual call.

Male and female bullfrogs hear different parts of the mating call. Males are more attuned to the low frequency part of the call and females are more attuned to the high frequency. In other words, most bullfrog calls really do contain mixed messages. Learning to sort these messages allows bullfrogs to both defend what they have as well as get what they want.

Salespeople should be prospecting all of the time, but even the most effective prospector realizes that not every buyer is ready to buy all year round. Buyers have a buying season. As buyers come out into the open and make noises that sales people hear, it is vital that salespeople learn to hear and comprehend these messages. In sales training, we help our clients learn to understand what buyers are saying during their buying process. We help our clients learn to decode their buyer's individual criteria and their timing.

Anybody who has been near a pond in the Spring can tell you that a bullfrog breeding pond is a very noisy place. To succeed, both frogs in a pair must distinguish each other's calls from the almost overwhelming background noise. How they recognize the sound patterns of both the call and the response determines their survival.

As salespeople go out in the market place, they also enter an overwhelmingly loud environment. Their ability to hear and respond to what prospects and clients are saying determines both the salesperson's survival and their company's future.

Do you want your sales team to get better at filtering the noise?

We should talk.

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