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Matt Nettleton | Indianapolis, IN

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There is a simple question asked by every President CEO and Owner I talk to. It seems to be the only question they really care about and they typically seek the answer to this question with a laser focus.

What Training Will Have the Greatest Impact on My Sales Team?

To answer that question, it is important to look at the current reality of selling. Sales managers are failing, and the percentage of salespeople at quota continues its steady decline. Top Sales World noted that 2017 was the first year in which the percentage of salespeople at quota dipped below 50 percent. Furthermore, roughly 16 percent fewer salespeople are at quota today compared with four years ago. The data clearly points out a 2 fold problem. Salespeople are not sure what works and Sales Leaders are not effectively helping them learn.

Being a sales manager today is less about supervising and more about coaching and growing the skills of your team. This is not easy and can leave a lot of sales managers chasing their tails trying to work out how to improve the performance of their team.

No great sports team gets to be a world champion without a good coach, and a coach is not just somebody who keeps track of what athletes have done or what the scoreboard says. The role of a coach is to systematically teach new techniques and then support a growing competence in applying the technique by their athletes.

Coaching isn’t easy, but it can be systematic. And good coaching offers the best long term return for your sales force. Coaching gives you the cadence and insight to identify issues that may be impacting the performance of your individual team members, it allows you to proactively avoid individual problems as well as create tracks for predictable growth.

Working with businesses over the past 15 years has shown me a simple path to grow revenues. First, your sales team needs to be trained in a specific, scalable, repeatable sales methodology. Second, your sales leaders must be taught a specific, systematic, repeatable coaching process that supports the growth of your sales team.

If you are ready to talk about what training can have the greatest impact on your sales team, we should talk. Call me Matt Nettleton Sandler Training DTB 317-678-8800 or email

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