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Matt Nettleton | Indianapolis, IN

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Mike Montague interviews Aaron Montgomery on How to Succeed at Suspending Your Disbelief. Aaron wrote Suspend Your Belief to help others learn the importance that every experience is an opportunity to grow, learn, and share and that by sharing your knowledge you can help others on the way too. The book acts as a framework, a tool to help you think about your own life and the lessons you’re gaining from it in real-time. Aaron shares his stories not just to teach you, but to help you draw out the inspiration for your own stories and lessons. 

He also shared his story at the 2022 Sandler Summit. Click here to join us next year in 2023

In this episode:

  • The best attitude, behavior, and technique on how to succeed at suspending your disbelief
  • What it means to suspend your disbelief and why we should
  • Just because something is challenging doesn’t mean it’s not for you
  • Putting in the hard work doesn’t mean the outcome will be perfect
  • Commit to the process and not the outcome
  • How to identify your self-limiting beliefs
  • Visualize the outcome you want with clarity
  • Don’t allow other people to set your goals or your value
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