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Matt Nettleton | Indianapolis, IN

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Ask any scientist and he will tell you in no uncertain terms that based on our knowledge of engineering and math, bumblebees just cannot fly. The math proves beyond any doubt that their shape is wrong, their wings are too small, and that it is clearly impossible for them to get off the ground.

Working in the sales training world for the past 10 years has allowed me to study the insides of quite a few companies in a wide variety of industries. Through all of my conversations and observations, I have learned one clear lesson: all sales are impossible. Like the bumblebee, the typical approach to sales doesn't seem engineered for success.

Successful businesses can overcome this impossibility through the development and application of three primary elements-- Process, Accountability, and Passion.

The first element is Process. Typically, when I meet with business owners they speak clearly and forcefully about the steps needed to create and deliver their goods and services to market.

Next is Accountability. Owners typically are proud to give their employees a good job with fair pay. Also owners are happy to discuss firing people who simply will not do things the right way. In fact, owners are typically quick to diagnose and place blame on the right party and build systems in their companies that eliminate the opportunity for ongoing errors.

The third element is Passion. Every successful business is filled with people who care about their clients. These people are dedicated and committed to making clients and customers into raving fans.

Unfortunately, these three vital elements are often not engineered into the sales function. Business owners shake their heads and ask me why salespeople sit and wait without any urgency. Owners know that sales can be made, but as owners, they do not have a process to make that happen. Owners know without process there can be no accountability. And all too often the department of the company that has the least passion about client success seems to be the sales team.

Typically, business owners come to us when they are doing well, but know they can do more. They understand that if we can help them define processes, implement accountability, and rediscover passion their sales could finally take off and their businesses would be poised for tremendous growth.

Ready to grow your business despite the impossible conditions around you?

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