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Matt Nettleton | Indianapolis, IN

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Matt Nettleton

As 2019 kicks off there has never been more technology available to help sales teams hit their number. Start with a CRM you could pick, Salesforce or Pipedrive or ZOHO. Want to get in to social selling? You should try Hootsuite or Postfity or Hubspot. Looking to track collateral you have sent? Conga Collaborate or Proposify or maybe Quote Roller is the right tool....

My goal, which I nailed in 2018, was to read at least 26 books. In fact, I managed to read 28 and I used to listen to a few more. I wanted to take some time and share what I thought were the best 7 books I read in 2018. If you are interested, you can buy these books right here. AMAZON BOOKS

When it is time to talk to a prospect, most salespeople are prepared for an in depth description of what their product or service can do for the prospect. Sales people show up well armed with use cases, demos, sell sheets and often times references. But none of those things will help them make a sale if they can not get answers to three simple questions...

What is a Cargo Cult? Well, after World War II anthropologists discovered that an unusual religion had developed among the islanders of the South Pacific. It was oriented around the concept of cargo which the islanders perceived as the source of the wealth and power of the Europeans and Americans.  

Business owners consistently tell us that the number one problem they face year after year is consistently finding, engaging and closing new business AND they know that nothing separates the sales pretenders from the sales professionals more quickly than ability to effectively prospect.

The internet has created a new process for selling and buying, sometimes companies are expanding their online marketing to create leads but just as often, the internet has collected and sorted information to answer questions from potential buyers. According to the Harvard Business Review there are two trends shaping sales process regardless of industry...Click Below to continue

Sales leaders can learn some valuable lessons about creating a productive environment from two frogs sitting in a pond catching flies. 


Working in the sales training world for the past 10 years has allowed me to study the insides of quite a few companies in a wide variety of industries. Through all of my conversations and observations, I have learned one clear lesson: all sales are impossible. Like the bumblebee, the typical approach to sales doesn't seem engineered for success.

Recently, I made a prospecting call to a Director of Sales for a large local sales force. I introduced myself and we talked briefly about how I ended up calling him. He finally stopped the conversation and told me that he was not interested in using Sandler Training because he already had a sales process that he used from a fairly large competitor.