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Matt Nettleton | Indianapolis, IN

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What has Sandler Training done for you and Ottos Parking Marking Co.

What has Sandler Training done for you and Arrow Plastic Engineering?


As a growth stage technology startup, Rook Security was facing a crowded marketplace and competing against significantly larger companies with huge financial backing. While the Rook solution was superior, gaining sales traction was proving to be difficult.  

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I've been a client of Matt's for over 10 years. The coaching sessions are something I always look forward to. Matt has a way of not over complicating the sales process and breaks it down into manageable steps.

Gary Thomas

Express Logo

Mike Heffner

Matt’s direct approach has helped our team move outside their comfort zone towards greater sales success. Matt has been very beneficial in assisting me with the coaching of my team and has helped grow our company to record sales. Matt keeps it simple, yet has a detailed systematic approach to make sure my sales team is delivering the best results. He works with many of my team one on one via a quick call or he is also available for group training events. It’s nice to have a trainer that understands our business and culture.

Kennel Geek 2

Thomas Tharp

I have a lot of experience in sales and tech and have had multiple sales trainings throughout my career. Absolutely nothing prepared me for the ideas and principles that Matt went over. If you want to transform your sales team to a more effective unit hire Matt as soon as possible. I guarantee your reps will not sound like every other sales rep out there and they will undoubtedly be more efficient and productive.

Matt is the right person if you want to make more money and get to the next level in your sales career. He helped me change my career from operations to Sales and it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Scott D. Johnson Director of U.S. Sales at TECNOPLAST USA

Des Woodruff

Matt came highly recommended as a sales trainer by a very satisfied friend who was also a client of his.

Before signing up for The Sandler training, I met with Matt to discuss how he might be able to help me and my company. Matt used what he teaches to land me as a client and I was impressed by the non-pitch and professionalism.

The (Sandler) technique that he used on me was the highest and most professional 'non-sales' that I have ever witnessed. With nearly 30 years of sales experience, I know skill when I see it. Matt had something that I wanted.

Since my time with Matt, my company has made hundreds of thousands of dollars and I am thankful the skills that he gave me and my team.

Matt and his team have helped us connect better with our clients. The ongoing training they offer has been a big help for our business.

Michael Thomas

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